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Our Brands

The original Mango Tree is located in Surawongse, where the fame all started from.

It is because of our ancient mango trees at the shopfront that made us name our restaurant the way it is now. Since Thailand's mangoes are world-class, we aim to make our restaurant just the same. And here our concept tries to be as traditional as it can be to preserve its rich history in the heart of the city. 


In the evenings, we demonstrate live traditional Thai dancing and music which compliments the wooden exteriors and greenery of the restaurant. The outdoor dining can be further admired by its surroundings of heritage wooden houses which kept its original, colourful stained glasses. You may of course, also inside these houses, whether it is for private parties or just a fine-casual meal. Our dishes here are classic yet premium, just like the old Thai days because you deserve to experience the country's authenticity

On top of this, we have a tradition that if the mango from our trees fall on your table, then a mango sticky rice will be on us for you, after your meal.


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