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The History of COCA … Since 1957
The origin of COCA renowned authentic taste dates back to 1957 and a 20-seat Cantonese restaurant.

Founded by Mr. Srichai Phanphensophon and his wife, Mrs. Patama, the restaurant gained immediate success and they moved to a nearby location on Soi Tantawan where it expanded to 150 seats and suki style cooking was introduced, hence born the first COCA Restaurant in Thailand .

With the new suki cooking experience, COCA customers were allowed to comfortably choose from a variety of suki options including meats, seafoods and fresh vegetables – served separately on small dishes instead of the traditional la rge single order. This ‘new' adaptation of suki pioneered by COCA has since made COCA a well known name among suki lovers locally and internationally.

Appetizing = C-O-C-A

The name COCA derived from Mandarin is “Kekou” which means “appetizing”. It can be easily pronounced and recognized by Thais, Chinese, Japanese and even Westerners.

Good Taste Passed from Generation to Generation

The new face of COCA started in 1984 when the business was handed over to the owner's son, Mr. Pitaya Phanphensophon. With visionary leadership of the new generation, COCA Holdings International Co., Ltd. was set up as central management for COCA restaurant operations.

The striking success of COCA inspired ambitious expansion, with new branches opened in Bangkok and Chonburi province: Sukhumvit 39, Time Square, Central World Plaza , Phaholyothin , Siam Center and a beach town branch in Pattaya.

And in 1987, the first overseas branch opened in Singapore , followed by Japan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Taiwan , Laos , Myanmar , South Korea and China respectively. Today COCA continues to expand internationally by offering franchise opportunities.

COCA Holdings la ter added more concepts to its operations such as Kroissant House, a European-style bakery cafe along with manufacturing and wholesaling of bakery products. Mango Tree offers an ideal place for authentic Thai cuisine; Bo Tan Tei features a classical Japanese restaurant while Nika-i makes fusion Japanese cuisine in a contemporary atmosphere. To help assist in the logistics of many domestic and international restaurants, COCA Foods International, a food processing and packaging factory was opened to supply the COCA and other restaurants with processed, frozen and dried products.

With more than 47 years of experience in successful food service operations, COCA's commitment to quality, satisfaction and customer service, has attributed to its long-standing success. From a 20-seat restaurant, COCA's food service business has now grown into a renowned international company.