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Start of delicious

The beginning of the delicious traditional "coca" before a hot pot, "coca" and many more delicious. Either in the form of food, Thailand, Japan and other famous both at home and abroad today. Legend of coca started in 2500 by Mr. and Padma Sri Sophon Pen varieties. The couple emigrated from mainland China. The piece pillow mat Both parties have initiated Cantonese restaurant with 20 seats in a small Soi Sukhumvit Decho intersection, which succeeded beyond expectations. Later, it moved the store to a sunflower on Soi Sukhumvit Road, the new store offers more space and a seating capacity of 40. "Coca Restaurant" in Thailand. Which is still in place. Prior to the introduction of Coca Suki foreigners and the people of Thailand have known. Originally started out serving Cantonese cuisine. And have adapted to the taste of consumers in Thailand later you finish species Sri Sophon Phen. Who led the way Cantonese cooking pot "Hua Gua" (meaning pot) came into service in the restaurant for the first time in Thailand. By adapted to suit the client Thailand. The traditional way to serve it all together in one big dish. Serve as a separate small dish. For customers to choose from a variety of needs. Whether it is meat, seafood and vegetables count as "Coca Restaurant" has created a new dimension to the food of Thailand. Business growth is the order of "Coca Restaurant" located on Sukhumvit Road, has expanded to the "Coca Noodles" with 800 seats on Henri Dunant Road. Siam Square area and other fields, and has been received well by customers until today. From a small restaurant with 20 seats of the 48 years before the couple can grow and sprawl. Expand Networks is the world-class restaurants, both local and foreign. The key to the success of current and former coca remains unchanged is bringing good food. And the most qualified Offered to customers at a reasonable price (best food of best price). "Coca" This word means "delicious". "Coca" adapted from the Chinese pronounced "kite into the Nong Ken" means "delicious" in Cantonese accent called "Hall barking" Coca (COCA) is the perfect name. Easy to remember and pronounce Whether the client Thailand Chinese, Japanese or American, it can be easily pronounced. Coca new era ... and delicious from generation to generation. Coca new era began in the year 2527 when you Pitaya. Sophon varieties Pen Administration of coca with his vision of a new generation. It was founded by Coca Holding International Limited to include the management of Coca Restaurant. Following the success of the first two branches. Kingdom of coca began expanding to key district in Bangkok. And the provinces, including Bangkok, Sukhumvit 39 Times Square, Central World Plaza and Siam Center Rd provincial branch in Pattaya. With success in coca and began expanding overseas in 2527 by the first of the Singapore Open. Followed by Japan, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and China respectively. Apart from the food business of pot and coca has expanded restaurant types to cover up such a rapid cob House Lahore bakery cafe style as well as a wholesale supplier Bakery and Pastry on. various And was the first to adopt the technology frozen bakery into Thailand Mango Tree Restaurant Thailand in ancient houses more than 100 years the heart of Silom serves Thailand every ambience Thailand was comfortable Additionally Coca yet market penetration of Japanese food. Botantei representing traditional Japanese restaurant and Pecatonica - I represent Japanese style fusion. Launch services And a Japanese chef is cooking. To get a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine including a variety of plant foods under the name Coca Foods International. To feed ingredients such as dried food, frozen food to Coca Restaurant Group branches. As well as other stores Both domestic and foreign Throughout the 48 years dedicated to continuous improvement. The sincerity in serving quality food. Along with the delicious It coca and restaurants in the legend of the food business is steadily growing. From a small restaurant Expand Networks is the world-class restaurants, both local and foreign.

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